Project Description

Special interest group 

Training and supervision 

Chair: Andreas Veith

The Special Interest Group on Training, Supervision and Therapist development has been founded in September 2013 at the EABCT congress in Marrakesh. The group is a forum for discussion especially on research. It will try to offer a platform and network for all members of EABCT membership associations interested in the field of Training, Supervision and Therapist development, that is to gather and spread information about ongoing or starting research projects, maybe supporting projects by connecting researchers and planning symposia, SIG´s meetings and maybe smaller conferences on the topic. The SIG is still in it´s starting. Application for membership can be done via Linkedin. The SIG is a Subgroup of the EABCT Group.

Welcome to all the experts on Training and Supervision who wish to join our group!

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Activities and meetings


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Training and Supervision


SIG training and supervision Marrakech 2013

Founding session SIG Training and Supervision
Marrakech 2013



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