Ukraine – UACBT/ UKBT

Ukrainian association of CBT

Official address:

79011 Sviencickogo 17, UCU

office 043, Lviv, Ukraine


Telephone: +380965413511


President and EABCT Representative: 

Valentyna Parobii



Main Activities:


Opportunity of training via other institutions  

Organisation of regular event

  •   Annual Conference in June 
  •   May Meetings of Schema-Therapy Section of UACBT


General Information:

  • 150 (on the end of 2020)
  • Citizen of Ukraine who are specialist in a mental health care or student in a same field can become a member
  • Official Language is Ukrainian
  • Date of foundation – 2011
  • Date when joined EABCT – 2012
  • Date of EABCT accreditation – 2013

The training


Ukrainian Institute of CBT ( ) is providing training programs accredited by EACBT in September 2013. There are:

  • Basic post graduate program (4 years)
  • Law intensity CBT (CBT+) program for consulting and coaching (1 year)

Extra programs:

  • Mental health care for children, adolescence and their families (with basic CBT)
  • Mental health care in general medical practice (with basic CBT)
  • CBT with eating disorders
  • CBT with addictions
  • Integration of mindfulness in consulting, coaching and psychotherapy

The media and psychoeducation

Last year UACBT with support of EABCT started psycho-educational campaign via short cartoons spread by social networks and YouTube. (Soon we’ll share all materials with wide CBT family for translation)

Do you have psychological problems? Do you feel the need to support a loved one? Do you just want to understand what is the point of the psyche and disorders, psychologists and psychotherapy, and in general – in yourself?  We also do want!

We want to invite as many people as possible to share the idea of ​​the value of mental health, of accepting mental health problems as an integral part of most of our lives.

UACBT channel

The research

UACBT is a partner in a global study of the psychological impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. The study is leading by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. The study’s main aim is to explore the psychological impact of the coronavirus, its effect on our emotions, behavior, and wellbeing. We are currently in the second phase of the study, trying to understand how the coronavirus and restrictions impact our day-to-day lifestyle, what is helpful, and what may be causing some people to be affected more than others. There were more than 1000 Ukrainians who participated in the first phase. (Ukrainian version of survey)