The video is part of the Ukrainian Project on psychoeducation. You can choose English subtitles when whatching them on YouTube.

Filling gaps: Psychoeducation Campaign (UACBT, Ukraine)

Ethics in Psychotherapy (ACTBS, Serbia)

Ever wondered how CBT psychotherapist deal with ethical dilemmas in practice and how they actually behave? You can read a report about an EABCT project that dealt with these issues. In it you can read about the research conducted in 36 European countries that shows that many CBT therapist did something that is contrary to the rules outlined in ethics codes. Reading this short report could perhaps lead you to think about your own practice and the ethical dilemmas you might face or have faced. You can access it here: 



The following projects are realized with a grant of EABCT:


  • ‘European therapists’ transitioning to remote CBT during the COVID-19 pandemic (SRABCT)

    The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a number of challenges, including transitioning to remote (online) psychotherapeutic services and training. This abrupt transition required the adjustment of not only service users, but also therapists around the world, which could have yielded both positive and negative perceptions of this treatment mode, important for future practices during and after the pandemic. For these reasons, the Serbian Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists (SRABCT) has launched a research project theREMOTEcbt, supported by EABCT, with the participation of a number of associations from different European countries. This study is aimed at exploring the experience, perceptions and attitudes on the remote provision of psychotherapeutic services and training among CBT therapists and trainees, as well as therapists and trainees in other psychotherapeutic modalities. Based on the needs identified by preliminary results, two international online workshops on remote CBT were organized to support the colleagues. Preliminary results of the study and other details can be found at the project website

  • Filling gaps: Psychoeducation Campaign” by the Ukrainian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The animated videos they produced can be found above.



  • Workshops: psychotherapeutic approaches for emotional and behavioural disorders, (GABCT, Georgia)
  • Disseminating CBT for PTSD through writing therapy and imagery rescripting therapy, Flanders (VVGT), Netherlands (VGCt), Russia (ACBP)
  • Ethical belies and behaviours of European CBT psychotherapists, (ACBTS, Serbia) Click here for the report 
  • Seminars in Romania, (Sitcc, Italy)
  • Supervision of Supervisors, (GBA Greece)


  • Workshops on psychotherapeutic approaches for psychiatric disorders, Georgia
  • Supervising supervisors, Ukraine


  • Supervision of Supervisors (CACBT, Croatia)
  • Empowering Ukrainian professional CBT community to provide evidence-based treatment for those who were exposed to psycho-traumatic events because of war in Eastern Ukraine (UACBT, Ukraine)


  • Workshop: cognitive behaviour therapy with children and adolescents-handling difficult cases
    (initiated by the Georgian Institute of Behaviour Research and Therapy (IBRT)


  • Supervision Training for Supervisors (initiated by the Greek Association of Behaviour Research and Therapie (GBA)


  • Training Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (initiated by the Hungarian CBT Association)



  • Dissemination of knowledge, practice and research of LI, or brief CBT in Europe (initiated by the Specialized interest group on LI CBT)
    Project report LI CBT
  • Latvian-Estonian Summer School: Two conjoint training sessions for Latvian and Estonian CBT trainees (initiated by the Latvian association LACBT and the Estonian association EACBT)
    Latvian Summerschool Final report_Dec2013
  • International Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina <em<(initiated by Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy BHUKBT) First International CBT Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • CBT supervision in the Nordic countries (initiated by the Swedish association SACBT) EABCT project report-PDF
  • Training in CBT supervision (initiated by the Slovenian association SABCT and the Croatian association CACBT) Report of the project from SABCT
  • Supervision for supervisors (initiated by the German association DVT and the Greece association GBA) 20111215 Report Supervision – DVT – Peter Altherr
  • First meeting on OCD in Assisi, Italy (initiated by the Specialized interest group OCD) Report SIG meeting Assisi May 2011 by Barbara Barraccia
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