The following projects are realized with a grant of EABCT:


  • Workshops: psychotherapeutic approaches for emotional and behavioural disorders, (GABCT, Georgia)
  • Disseminating CBT for PTSD through writing therapy and imagery rescripting therapy, Flanders (VVGT), Netherlands (VGCt),  Russia (ACBP)
  • Ethical belies and behaviours of European CBT psychotherapists, (ACBTS, Serbia)
  • Seminars in Romania, (Sitcc, Italy)
  • Supervision of Supervisors, (GBA Greece)


  • Workshops on psychotherapeutic approaches for psychiatric disorders, Georgia
  • Supervising supervisors, Ukraine


  • Supervision of Supervisors (CACBT, Croatia)
  • Empowering Ukrainian professional CBT community to  provide evidence-based treatment for  those who were exposed to psycho-traumatic events because of war in Eastern Ukraine (UACBT, Ukraine)


  • Workshop: cognitive behaviour therapy with children and adolescents-handling difficult cases
    (initiated by the Georgian Institute of Behaviour Research and Therapy (IBRT)


  • Supervision Training for Supervisors (initiated by the Greek Association of  Behaviour Research and Therapie (GBA)


  • Training Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (initiated by the Hungarian CBT Association)



  • Dissemination of knowledge, practice and research of LI, or brief CBT in Europe (initiated by the Specialized interest group on LI CBT)
    Project report LI CBT
  • Latvian-Estonian Summer School: Two conjoint training sessions for Latvian and Estonian CBT trainees (initiated by the Latvian association LACBT and the Estonian association EACBT)
    Latvian Summerschool Final report_Dec2013
  • International Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina <em<(initiated by Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy BHUKBT)
    First International CBT Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina