Mobile Academy

What is the EABCT Mobile Academy?


The EABCT Mobile Academy aims to provide elements of CBT training to CBT associations where local opportunities for CBT training are limited, or where they may benefit from additional support and resources.

The Mobile Academy will work in close collaboration with the local association or a group of local associations in the same region that share similar needs and languages.


How does the mobile academy work? 

The mobile academy assists and supports local associations in the delivery of  CBT training by collaborating to carry out a gap analysis, and ‘topping up’ the training where needed. The mobile academy develops and maintains a database of speakers and a library of resources which allows the academy and local association to match their needs with the right people and resources.


Mobile academy curriculum (link to be added later)

The curriculum gives an overview of the expected content of CBT training and assessment of competence. The main areas are about ethical, professional and inclusive practice, therapeutic relationship, core fundamentals of CBT, manualised interventions across the lifespan for anxiety disorders and depression; developing clinical skills under supervision, and further disorder-specific interventions.


Mobile academy speakers 

The mobile academy is developing the database of people who can offer this training and/or supervision in CBT.

We cover key fundamental aspects of training in CBT, particularly including skills training, for the purposes of meeting needs of local associations. The people on the list are recommended by their association’s EABCT representative, and agree to be included. We include information about

  • The languages available
  • Topics covered
  • Availability (for example how many days per year)
  • Delivering training and/or supervision for no fee, for expenses only (or an honorarium consistent with the local host association’s usual fee for speakers)
  • able to offer online sessions and whether they are able to travel if expenses are paid
  • whether the training session can be recorded and made available by EABCT for a period of time
  • supervisors


Library of resources

The mobile academy is also aiming to maintain a library of resources to support live and interactive training sessions. Access will be offered to participants in mobile academy-supported trainings and we will develop a process for access to others who may be able to benefit from the resources. The library will include:

  • reading and reference lists
  • links to written materials
  • recordings of mobile academy training sessions
  • links to freely available resources provided by CBT associations
  • translations or sub-titled presentations