World CBT Day

This is an annual event on the 7th of April each year. As the European Association for the Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies we would like to mark and honour this day by mentioning the contributions of EABCT and EABCT member associations on this year’s topic “Promoting Mental Health in an Age of Uncertainty”. Several associations in Europe have planned online presentations, lectures and Iive sessions on social media platforms on mental health and psychotherapy.


EABCT invites you to check out the latest ‘Women in CBT’ video series on EABCT website on the 7th of April for the interviews with influential women in CBT.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (BHACBT) will contribute on Promoting Mental Health in an Age of Uncertainty with free online presentations on CBT for the public held by therapists and supervisees. Following the main event on 7th of April, a CBT promotion material for social channels in local language will also be made.
Main themes are:
– Evidence-based strategies to manage stress and anxiety based on CBT principles in a business environment / Title: “Rastresite stres”
– Evidence-based strategies to manage stress and anxiety based on CBT principles during pregnancy and after childbirth / Title: „Kako si se ti osjećala? Da li je ovo normalno?“

The activities will be hosted online on the association’s social networks:


Croatian Association for Behavioral-Cognitive Therapies (CABCT) will organize free online presentations on CBT for the public held by therapists and supervisees. These will be in the form of a lecture followed by questions from the audience.


Cyprus Association for Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapists (CACBP) is hosting a lecture on their Facebook page to provide more understanding of what mental health is and how it relates to wellbeing and stress, towards promoting mental health in an age of uncertainty.


Czech Society for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CSCBT) have planned a series of short lectures on CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy and Compassionate Mind Therapy, which will be streamed online and promoted by their younger colleagues on various social media platforms.


Greek Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies (GACBP) invites you to celebrate World CBT Day on Friday, April 7th through a series of talks and lectures related to psychotherapy with invited guest speakers including the President of the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (EABCT), Katy Grazebrook. A spot can be reserved under the following link:”event_action_history”%3A[]%7D


Serbian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (SACBT) will host on SACBT’s Instagram account ( a live event on 7th of April at 7 PM (GMT+2) to discuss a range of topics incl. anxiety, worry, beliefs about worry, attention training, uncertainty intolerance and acceptance, and problem-solving with the following presenters incl. Anđela Vlaškalić, Magdalena Njegić, Nina Dragutinović, Nikolina Novaković, Duška Dostanić Živković, and Nevena Bajić Trkulja.

The live event will be conducted in Serbian to promote CBT to the audience in their region, including Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia, who share similar or identical languages. The event will be recorded and made accessible on the Instagram page after the event.

As part of our contribution to World CBT Day, association members are called to offer one free session to their current clients or clients interested in trying the CBT approach.

Furthermore, a free digital booklet “Life and Mental Health in an Age of Uncertainty” will be published (in Serbian) by the end of April, providing valuable information and self-help advice and techniques.