In this section we try to provide links to useful resources on CBT and psychology.
Resources can be links to journals, useful apps, fact sheets,
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Resources from other associations

Australian Psychological Society
Useful information, fact sheets, abstracts of journals etc.

Beacon 2.0
A panel of health experts categorise, review and rate websites and mobile applications. These ratings are provided to you along with the site link and access information. Reviews of internet support groups are also included.

Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy
CBT resources, Professional tools like the Beck inventory questionnaires


Resources for Training and Education
is the Internet’s premier site for finding accredited online education in America that is in line with the standards of the United States Department of Education. It allows you to search through countless accredited schools based on a variety of criteria to find the accredited college that best meets your needs. Here are some specific pages which you can use to search for Accredited Online Psychology colleges and an in-depth guide to accreditation:

Online PhD programs in psychology



Addictive Behavior Reports
Addictive Behaviors Reports is an online only, open-access and peer reviewed journal offering an interdisciplinary forum for the publication of research in addictive behaviors. The journal accepts submissions that are scientifically sound on all forms of addictive behavior (alcohol, drugs, gambling, Internet, nicotine and technology) with a primary focus on behavioral and psychosocial research. The emphasis of the journal is primarily empirical. More information: visit the website.

Elsevier Journals
New article alerts: you can set this up via Basically any search you do on ScienceDirect can be set up as RSS feed to your website; such a search can be by keyword, or by specific journals (or a combination of both, if you want to narrow it down).