Worry, Rumination and Repetitive Thinking

Special Interest Group

Chair: Chair: Giovanni Maria Ruggiero

Worry, rumination and other kind of repetitive and perseverative thinking styles contribute to both anxiety and depression (Borkovec, Robinson, Pruzinsky, & DePree, 1983; Nolen-Hoeksema, 1991). Empirical research has repeatedly demonstrated that repetitive thinking is involved in risk for anxious and depressive symptoms and episodes (Calmes & Roberts, 2007).

Therefore, this group of EABCT members takes the initiative to start a Special Interest Group (SIG) on worry, rumination and repetitive thinking.

The program of the SIG is:

1. Founding a LinkedIn forum and exchanging experience, knowledge, practice and research by means of this LinkedIn forum and/or direct communication between participants of the associations

2. Organising symposia for the next EABCT conferences

3. Organizing meetings for representatives / people experienced or interested in the area and submitting project plans for such meetings

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