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Training ACBP Turkish Association – Ankara

The association has been giving education to Turkish mental health professionals since its foundation. In general, the education programme can be divided into two categories: Theoretical education and supervisions. It is observed that, although theoretical training includes satisfactory visual and hearing materials, there is still a gap between theory and the supervision education. Supervisees were lacking the practical instruments during therapy sessions. So from 2015, we have decided to establish skill training classes. The purpose in skill training is to practice the theoretical knowledge with the accompanying of the supervisors in small peer groups before taking supervision. The groups generally consist of 12-16 supervisees and three supervisors.  The training is 30 hours long and takes place in 4 sessions each consisting of one topic of 7 or 8 hours. The main topics in the skill training are:

1)      Identifying the problems and the goals, presenting the cognitive model
2)      Agenda setting, formulation and cognitive restructuring
3)      Homeworks, behavioral experiment and exposure
4)      Identifying and changing beliefs and generating alternative beliefs.

 In these monthly sessions, first a brief theoretical background is presented, and then demonstrative role-play is presented either between two supervisors or one supervisor and one supervisee. After the role play, supervisees are divided into pairs and make the role play themselves and at the same time they are being observed and directed simultaneously by the supervisors. After the role-play, the supervisees share their feedback with eachother.

Skill training has been done four times since last year with very positive feed-backs from the participants. In future we are planning to make these trainings more wide spread in the mental health community.

ACBP, Hakan Turkçapar

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